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Banana Beautiful!

Often a first food which goes on to be a lifelong favourite, bananas are the UK’s favourite fruit for good reason – and Brits consume around 230 of the brilliantly self pre-packaged fruit every SECOND!

The average banana contains over 60 individual nutrients and around 100 calories but is probably best known for being a rich source of potassium: a whopping 400mg (11% of your recommended daily intake in one go!). Several studies seem to show that a potassium rich diet can be good for your heart, help reduce blood pressure, reduce your risk of stroke and keep your cholesterol in check.

Your average banana also contains around 12% of your daily dose of fibre. A high fibre diet can prevent diabetes, heart disease, weight gain and some cancers as well as being good for digestive health.

The unique mix of vitamins, minerals, and low glycemic carbohydrates in bananas has made them a favorite fruit among endurance athletes too. So make sure a banana is always one of your five a day!

And for the next two weeks you can even have one cut up on our fat free banana frozen yogurt! Double banana beauty!pb and banana

See you soon!

YP team


Happy half term!

School, homework, uniform, routine – isn’t it nice just to relax for a week and not have to get somewhere for 8:30?

Whether you’re hanging out with friends, doing a holiday camp or studying we really hope you can find the time to pop into Yogopink and treat yourself and friends to a fat free frozen yogurt before school starts again.

The possibilities are endless!

Have a great week off!

YP team





Help Save Mill Hill Library!

You may have seen a local campaign in the papers, the online petition or on Facebook to save Barnet’s libraries – which are being threatened with closure.

We know a lot of our customers include young people who use the library for a quiet place to study and mothers who attend the weekly Rhyme Time as well as getting books out with their school age children.

We whole heartedly support the campaign to prevent Mill Hill library from being closed or reduced in size by 90% and urge you to too!

You can help by writing to your local councillors and asking your school’s teachers to encourage the children to write letters too, saying why you want to protect the library.

The more people who raise their hands and say this is not something they want, the better chance the campaign has of being successful!

Mill Hill ward councillors:-

Val Duschinsky (Cons):

John Hart (Cons):

Sury Khatri (Cons):

YP team


Your 2015 media diet

New years are all about change. Making life better, which can be refreshing. Making YOU better, which can be more healthy. And normally they involve diets – which don’t need to be all about what you eat.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been talking this week about changing his ‘media diet’ to involve more books. The hi-tech tycoon is getting back to basics with actual books rather than news feeds, which he says “allow you to fully explore a topic and immerse yourself in a deeper way than most media today.” In case you didn’t already know.

So if you’re one of those people who are constantly skimming Facebook, twitter or Instagram, going crazy over Candy Crush or Cut The Rope and checking emails, texts and WhatsApp like it’s going out of fashion, perhaps taking a leaf out of Mark Zuckerberg’s paper resolution would give you the space of mind you need after the madness of Christmas.

It certainly hasn’t done him any harm!

natural and rasp

While you’re detoxing your mind – treat yourself to a fat free frozen yogurt from Yogopink with a healthy fruit topping and feel good about your body at the same time!

Happy New Year!

YP team


Christmas Opening Times

We don’t want you to miss out on a Christmas catch up at Yogopink with your friends or being able to stock up on a load of take away pots to see your through the festivities… so here’s an early heads up on our Christmas opening times:


Christmas Eve – CLOSED

Christmas Day – CLOSED

Boxing Day – open 12pm-11pm

27 – 30 December – open as usual 11am-11pm

New Year’s Eve – open 11am – 6pm

New Year’s Day – open 2pm – 11pm

Have a fantastic break!

Team YP



It all started when one of our customers mentioned her latest #YPObsession was HOT peanut butter on natural frozen yogurt… You heard it – HOT.

There was a stampede to the peanut butter jar so we could try it for ourselves. Spoons in, we savoured the moment. Who knew that soft, warm, sweet, salty peanut butter mixed with cold fresh frozen yogurt would taste like paradise?

Excited at how good it was, we got to thinking what else we could warm up! Among our most popular toppings – especially on a Friday afternoon! –  is Nutella: a perfect candidate.

Let us tell you, if you thought there was nothing more perfect than cold Nutella on chocolate Yogopink frozen yogurt, you’re wrong. Warm, it’s melted, creamy, chocolate-hazelnut heaven!

A new #YPObsession for us all was born!

As a new year’s gift to you, we’re offering one lucky YP obsessive a chance to win a year’s supply of frozen yogurt*! All you need to do is like our Facebook page (natch), share our #YPObsession post – and tell us what YOUR #YPObsession is underneath it!

Same rules apply if you prefer twitter or instagram: like – share – comment!

The winner will be announced on Saturday 17 January.

Good luck!

YP team


*12 free frozen yogurts: 1 every month in 2015

Does fun for the whole family exist?

Apparently – according to comedian Jerry Seinfeld anyway – there is no such thing as fun for the whole family.

Yes OK, places who are mostly likely to claim that include:

  • soft play centres in which, even though the coffee is sometimes passable, the noise is at such a level and pitch that you’ll always leave with a headache, even if your kids are worn out.
  • Holidays with kids clubs and multiple outdoor activities. But what about in the evening when you have to eat your dinner in the middle of a kids disco?
  • Theme parks: which of course are fun for the kids. And adults with a child-like disposition.

But now the weather’s quite a bit cooler you might be looking to get out of the house to a warm place where there really is something for everyone.

Mum’s watching her weight so she looks svelte in her Christmas party dress: all our frozen yogurt is fat free and if she chooses one of our freshly cut fruits to go on top her skin will be glowing too!

Dad’s been busy doing jobs around the house all day PLUS he fell asleep in front of the TV last night: our double shot Italian cappuccino should sort him out.

And the kids? With over 40 toppings and 4 flavours of frozen yogurt to choose from, they’re definitely going to be happy.

So, see you this weekend?

YP team


Gluten free fast food!

Finding quick, healthy snacks for a gluten free diet can be hard, especially when you’re out and about. Where others can easily grab a sandwich, a granola bar or a croissant – you may be left empty handed and hungry.

By now you should know that all our frozen yogurt is fat free and that we chop our fresh (never frozen!) fruit every day – but it is also completely gluten free.

yog and fruit

Other good things about Yogopink frozen yogurt:

  • it contains beneficial probiotics
  • it’s high in calcium
  • it’s fat free and low calorie
  • your toppings can contribute to your 5 a day!

So when your tummy’s rumbling on the go and you’re in need of a little nourishment, remember Yogopink: the ultimate fast food.

See you soon!

YP team


Win a Superfan card with #YPModelShot

Well we’ve come across some posers in our time but this one really takes the biscuit.

Look at this natural frozen yogurt swirled with chocolate; lounging in the cool surroundings of Yogopink being all I’m So Fat Free about it – passion fruit slipping seductively down its side, nestling up against the creamy perfection of the chocolate rolos.

superfan double

Can you take a better model shot of a Yogopink frozen yogurt? There’s a Superfan Card – 3 free yogurts! – with your name on it for the best one posted on Instagram, twitter or our Facebook page with the hashtag #YPmodelshot, before Sunday 26 October.

So get snapping to win this coveted prize!

See you soon!

YP team


Mood brightening…

It looks like we’ve had the last of the ‘summer’ weather and our thoughts have turned to packing up shorts and t-shirts and bringing out the woolly jumpers.

But as ever, Yogopink is here to lend a hand to brighten your mood even if the sky is cloudy.


YP is the perfect meeting place while the park is out of bounds. Enjoy one (or more!) of our four fat free frozen yogurt flavours and listen to some great music. If you’ve been busy shopping on the Broadway, we’re perfect for that much needed sit down where you can relax, people watch – and enjoy a fantastic Italian coffee too. Or a yummy, luxurious Belgian hot chocolate. IMG_4409 And if fruit brings back painful memories of warm summer holidays there’s nothing wrong with seeking solace in chocolate. We have over 40 toppings to choose from.

So remember, while it’s cold and rainy outside, it’s warm and cosy in Yogopink.

See you soon!

YP team x