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You’re gonna wing it?

The only problem with the BBC’s Great British Bake Off is that you always REALLY want cake while you’re watching it, don’t you?!

Things are hotting up in the Bake Off kitchen with Mill Hill’s very own Richard Burr narrowly avoiding the boot last week. Richard is the fourth generation in his family’s building business. A keen fisher, diver and cyclist, he has his own allotment in his back garden and volunteers for the National Wildlife Trust!


Credit: BBC Great British Bake Off

Time then that we all got behind the north London local lad who went to primary school and still lives in Mill Hill! Although the voting is down to baking bastions Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood we reckon we can send good vibes to Richard by walking around with a pencil behind our ear, keeping it real by saying we’re ‘just winging it’ when we’re tasked with a job and generally being really cool guys and gals.

brownies sm

Feel like you’re part of the bake off with brownies on your frozen yogurt!

Oh and to solve the problem of cravings during Bake Off (Wednesdays, 8pm, BBC 1) – make sure you get a (fat free) takeaway from Yogopink to serve up while Richard and the remaining contestants are battling it out in the kitchen. Add some brownie toppings to REALLY feel like you’re getting in on the action!

Come on Richard!!



Go Bananas!

Now all the kids are back at school and we’re enjoying some lovely weather in north London (with the promise of more to come this week) it certainly feels like a new chapter has begun in 2014. So to mark the start of a new term, we have brand new flavours at Yogopink too!

We launched our first ever BANANA flavour last Thursday and loads of you were certainly enjoying it whilst monkeying around over the weekend. Never referred to as a super-food, they’re most definitely super-good for you; bananas are full of vitamin B6, can regulate your blood sugar levels, help make you happy, are good for kidneys, eyes and bones, can help lower blood pressure and protect against heart attacks and strokes!

banana and rolos

Make your own Banoffi in a cup!

Next week we’ll be introducing yet another newbie to YP: Custard Cream flavour – and we can’t wait to know what you think.

We want your suggestions for our Autumn flavours. What would you like us to try out? Let us know on Facebook, twitter or Instagram (@YogopinkLondon)!

In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine and see you soon at YP!



Sometimes Being Naughty Is So Nice

We enjoyed a wondrous British summer for a few weeks didn’t we? Even though it feels like autumn now, we’re hopeful we’ll get a few more days of sunshine before school goes back.

Here at Yogopink, while we pride ourselves on our freshly cut, healthy, fruit toppings and scrumptious fat free frozen yogurt, we do also have a splendid array of treaty toppings for those less sunny moments in life when you need a bit of brightening up.

So while we’re waiting for that Indian summer to arrive, here’s a selection of our favourite wonderfully naughty but nice toppings:


Chocolate toppings: just how naughty do you want to be?!

Chocolate toppings: just how naughty do you want to be?!



Every day can be sweet at Yogopink

Every day can be sweet at Yogopink



Plenty to choose from if you’re feeling saucy too!



Enjoy these while you’re arguing with your friends over whether a jaffa cake is a cake or a biscuit!

No one’s going to blame you for being just a LITTLE bit naughty this week…See you soon at YP!




Tastes of summer

Summer is a time that really awakens our senses… the feel of the much-awaited warmth of the sun on our skin, the smell of freshly cut grass. the sound of ice cubes clinking together in a glass and the tastes of salads, fresh fruit and cool, refreshing frozen yogurt.

Here are a few of our favourite tastes of summer:

Passion Fruit frozen yogurt…

passion fruit

Dress up the exotic taste of passion fruit with mango, coconut, kiwi, pineapple or anything else that makes you feel like you’re on holiday!


IMG_7157 (5)_edited

Still our number one topping – strawberries are actually PROVEN to bring back nostalgic thoughts of summer! Freshly cut and full of Vitamin C – you can’t go wrong with everyone’s favourite fruit!


coneMost of our earliest memories include being wiped down from head to foot as a child after dripping ice cream all over ourselves.

Now we’re a bit more grown-up, most of us can manage a cone without making a mess! And also now we’re a bit more grown-up we know how much healthier Yogopink’s fat free frozen yogurt is for us – and our kids – than full of fat ice cream! And of course, a little part of us feels like a kid again when we’re tucking into a cone on a hot day!

Let us know on Facebook, twitter (@YogopinkLondon) or instagram (@YogopinkLondon) what tastes of summer to you!

YP team




While we are enjoying this hot weather and LOVE the health benefits of the sun, the heat can also deplete our vitamin levels through sweating and the extra exertion on our bodies. We all know how important it is to stay hydrated in the heat but studies have found that people suffering from heat exhaustion are almost always deficient in Vitamin C.

Lucky then that – with the help of the sunshine: the best source of Vitamin D you can get – an entire alphabet of vitamins, as well as hydration, is available here at Yogopink.

Introducing our ultimate guilt-free frozen yogurt:

vitamins and glasses

Vitamin A Mango

Vitamin B – Banana

Vitamin C Kiwi

Vitamin DSunshine (the NHS recommends 10-15 minutes a day without sunscreen for your daily Vitamin D hit in the summer months)

Vitamin E Almond flakes

Vitamin K Blueberries

So while the sun is shining, keep COOL and HEALTHY at YP!

sign sun

And while we’re at it with our healthy talk, of course our freshly cut fruit is packed full of antioxidants. Did you know blueberries have one of the highest antioxidant capacities of all fruits and vegetables?

Antioxidants slow the oxidative damage to our body – when our body’s cells use oxygen, oxidation occurs which produces free radicals that can cause damage. Oxidation has been linked to serious illnesses like heart disease and cancer.

And of course our frozen yogurt is also FAT FREE.

natural new

So what we’re basically saying is it turns out it IS possible to have a guilt-free treat! Here at YP!

Lots of love

YP Team


Four ways with COFFEE

Some days you just need a little perking up – and this week at Yogopink you can satisfy your coffee fix and your frozen yogurt fix at the same time!

Just mix and top our mild, creamy, coffee flavour according to the way you take your daily cup.





Indulge in a single shot of our creamy coffee flavour for the perfect lovely latte.




Mix our fat free chocolate and coffee frozen yogurts together for a super-smooth mocha.

Cappuccino - with our new toffee crisp topping!

Cappuccino – with our new toffee crisp topping!


Add a chocolate topping of your choice for a classic cappuccino. Here we’ve chosen our fab new toffee crisp topping!


Affogato: frozen yogurt ‘drowned’ in espresso


Or treat yourself to a real caffeine hit with the famous Italian pud: pour a REAL espresso over a natural frozen yogurt for a delicious fat free Affogato.

Remember, we also have Pomegranate, Chocolate and Natural flavours!

See you soon at YP!







Strawberries = Happy

Strawberries are the fruit that evoke the happiest memories, according to a study by the University of London.

sxc strawberry

44% of people asked said strawberries brought on happy memories, 30% said these memories were relaxing, and 10% said they were exciting.

And a whopping 77% said the aroma of a fresh strawberry immediately triggers nostalgic memories of summer, while 64% said it prompts thoughts of sunshine.

So here at YP we’re going BIG on strawberries – the staple of Wimbledon fortnight and one of our most popular toppings.

Tell us on Facebook, twitter (@YogopinkLondon) or instagram (@YogopinkLondon) what symbolises summer for you – and one of you will win a special strawberry topped frozen yogurt freebie! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #YPsummer.

As well as our fat free take on the SW19 classic, this week cool down with a simple, delicious, fresh and fat free strawberry smoothie.

And here are some Wimbledon facts to further whet your appetite for this month’s favourite fruit:

  • At least 28 tonnes of strawberries are expected to be eaten over the championship.
  • They will be slathered with more than 7,000 litres of fresh cream.
  • Around 8,615 punnets will be consumed EVERY DAY.

See you soon at YP!



Everyone’s going football crazy and the World Cup hasn’t even officially started yet. Even in Brazil, they’re still putting, ahem, finishing touches to operations.

You might not be a football fan. The bad news is that it will be a loooong 4 weeks for you. The final doesn’t take place until 13 July. The good news is that you will be able to get a seat every night in all pubs not showing football and the streets and shopping centres will be pretty empty for general footie-free pottering and getting a bit of peace while matches are on.

However, if you feel like you want to show a bit of support without actually having to watch any football, pop into Yogopink and have fun designing (and of course eating) a frozen yogurt which represents the flag of your chosen country.

England flag

England flag

Post them on twitter (@YogopinkLondon), instagram (@YogopinkLondon) or on our Facebook page with the hashtag #YogopinkWorldCup and we’ll be giving a few freebies away to the best efforts!

Lots of love,

Team YP




Apparently this year’s summer might not be so ‘British’. Forecasters are saying May will be ‘fantastic’ and that Britain is on course for a ‘exceptionally unusual’ summer, using tantalising phrases like ‘wall-to-wall sunshine’.

Global warming issues aside, fingers crossed for some warmth!Yogoberry

So here are a few ways Yogopink can help with the forecasted heat wave:

1. Stay cool with a healthy treat, stop by for a fat free SMOOTHIE made with your favourite frozen yogurt – just add fruit.

2. If you’ve been working out, add a scoop of PROTEIN to your post gym vitamin packed smoothie; not just for those wanting to build up muscle. See why here.

natural new3. Take the weight off, relax and watch the world go by on our lovely new seats with a FAT FREE frozen yogurt of your choice. Remember our small natural cup contains LESS THAN 95 CALORIES and contains all the goodness of milk.

shapes and sizes4. Grab a crunchy waffle CONE filled with frozen yogurt and saunter down the Broadway window shopping in Mill Hill. TIP: Ask for a spoon of Nutella in first for a delicious last bite!yog8

5. Treat yourself to a MILKSHAKE made with our fat free yogurt and skimmed milk. It contains no fat like ones made with ice cream, which means you can bung whatever you fancy in there without the guilt!

Of course, Yogopink is delicious whatever the weather, not just for summer. So pop by soon!

YP Team


Join in #YPSelfieWeek!

Want your photograph to be featured on our summer poster? Get involved in #YPSelfieWeek!

All you need to enter is:

  1. A smart phone
  2. A Yogopink frozen yogurt

We know you love taking selfies; 90 million are currently posted online. So between 26 May and 1 June (half term week) we want you to take a photo of yourself with your frozen yogurt and post it on twitter or Instagram (@YogopinkLondon) using the hashtag #YPSelfieWeek.

By doing this you will be instantly entered into our poster competition. The new poster will hang in our shop window for the summer!

PLUS, the taker of thphoto 1e best photo will win frozen yogurts for two people!

So clear out your camera roll and get ready to snap your selfie for #YPSelfieWeek from the 26th.

YP team