Apparently this year’s summer might not be so ‘British’. Forecasters are saying May will be ‘fantastic’ and that Britain is on course for a ‘exceptionally unusual’ summer, using tantalising phrases like ‘wall-to-wall sunshine’.

Global warming issues aside, fingers crossed for some warmth!Yogoberry

So here are a few ways Yogopink can help with the forecasted heat wave:

1. Stay cool with a healthy treat, stop by for a fat free SMOOTHIE made with your favourite frozen yogurt – just add fruit.

2. If you’ve been working out, add a scoop of PROTEIN to your post gym vitamin packed smoothie; not just for those wanting to build up muscle. See why here.

natural new3. Take the weight off, relax and watch the world go by on our lovely new seats with a FAT FREE frozen yogurt of your choice. Remember our small natural cup contains LESS THAN 95 CALORIES and contains all the goodness of milk.

shapes and sizes4. Grab a crunchy waffle CONE filled with frozen yogurt and saunter down the Broadway window shopping in Mill Hill. TIP: Ask for a spoon of Nutella in first for a delicious last bite!yog8

5. Treat yourself to a MILKSHAKE made with our fat free yogurt and skimmed milk. It contains no fat like ones made with ice cream, which means you can bung whatever you fancy in there without the guilt!

Of course, Yogopink is delicious whatever the weather, not just for summer. So pop by soon!

YP Team