Anticipation V Real Thing

Children went unbathed and dinner went unprepared across the UK last night as millions of us were glued to Murray’s 5 set quarter final showdown against Fernando Verdasco.

Two sets down and just when it looked like our hopes would be dashed early, Murray came through for us, earning a place in the semi-finals on Friday.

We often (well, always) set our sights too high when it comes to Britain’s chances in major sporting tournaments. And as with so many other things in life the anticipation is far more enjoyable than the real thing. We imagine the glory, the excitement, the sheer joy that we’ll feel if only reality were to match our hopes and dreams.

While we’ll all be nervously wondering whether Andy can make our dreams come true and reach the Wimbledon final for a second year running, you can be sure of one thing…

You know that cool, smooth, creaminess you anticipate tasting when you crave a Yogopink frozen yogurt? The freshness of the fruit, and how your favourite toppings go SO WELL with your favourite flavours?

Well, it tastes just as good as you think.


Treat yourself to a drizzle of nutella to top off our twist on the traditional strawberries and cream for a sunny finals weekend!