Does fun for the whole family exist?

Apparently – according to comedian Jerry Seinfeld anyway – there is no such thing as fun for the whole family.

Yes OK, places who are mostly likely to claim that include:

  • soft play centres in which, even though the coffee is sometimes passable, the noise is at such a level and pitch that you’ll always leave with a headache, even if your kids are worn out.
  • Holidays with kids clubs and multiple outdoor activities. But what about in the evening when you have to eat your dinner in the middle of a kids disco?
  • Theme parks: which of course are fun for the kids. And adults with a child-like disposition.

But now the weather’s quite a bit cooler you might be looking to get out of the house to a warm place where there really is something for everyone.

Mum’s watching her weight so she looks svelte in her Christmas party dress: all our frozen yogurt is fat free and if she chooses one of our freshly cut fruits to go on top her skin will be glowing too!

Dad’s been busy doing jobs around the house all day PLUS he fell asleep in front of the TV last night: our double shot Italian cappuccino should sort him out.

And the kids? With over 40 toppings and 4 flavours of frozen yogurt to choose from, they’re definitely going to be happy.

So, see you this weekend?

YP team