Gluten free fast food!

Finding quick, healthy snacks for a gluten free diet can be hard, especially when you’re out and about. Where others can easily grab a sandwich, a granola bar or a croissant – you may be left empty handed and hungry.

By now you should know that all our frozen yogurt is fat free and that we chop our fresh (never frozen!) fruit every day – but it is also completely gluten free.

yog and fruit

Other good things about Yogopink frozen yogurt:

  • it contains beneficial probiotics
  • it’s high in calcium
  • it’s fat free and low calorie
  • your toppings can contribute to your 5 a day!

So when your tummy’s rumbling on the go and you’re in need of a little nourishment, remember Yogopink: the ultimate fast food.

See you soon!

YP team