We’re half way through the first month of a new year. There’s been time to start resolutions, give up on them, feel good that you’ve kept to them and evaluate what you hope for from 2014.

So are you promising yourself you’ll go to the gym more? Drink less? Eat more healthily?

We can help with a couple of those. If you’re looking for a fresh and healthy re-start, remember that our frozen yogurt is fat free and guilt free – and along with all the naughty toppings for when you’ve been REALLY good… we also have loads of fresh and dried fruit and nuts to crown your healthy treat with. And our delicious fresh fruit smoothies are a perfect way to  cool down after the gym.

toppings 3

Like you, we also love new things, that’s why we kicked off 2014 with a brand new frozen yogurt flavour – Mixed Berries. You can try it until we change next week. Don’t worry if you miss it – it’s already been so popular it will definitely be back!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be trying to hone the recipes of Cookies and Cream, Cheesecake and Lime flavours. As well as those new flavours we’ll be introducing some new toppings – we’ve thought of digestive biscuit pieces, sunflower seeds and cake bites. Let us know what you would like us to introduce this year?

Whatever 2014 brings for us all, one thing is for sure; we promise to continue providing you with the best frozen yogurt around.

Happy New Year!

YP team