Help Save Mill Hill Library!

You may have seen a local campaign in the papers, the online petition or on Facebook to save Barnet’s libraries – which are being threatened with closure.

We know a lot of our customers include young people who use the library for a quiet place to study and mothers who attend the weekly Rhyme Time as well as getting books out with their school age children.

We whole heartedly support the campaign to prevent Mill Hill library from being closed or reduced in size by 90% and urge you to too!

You can help by writing to your local councillors and asking your school’s teachers to encourage the children to write letters too, saying why you want to protect the library.

The more people who raise their hands and say this is not something they want, the better chance the campaign has of being successful!

Mill Hill ward councillors:-

Val Duschinsky (Cons):

John Hart (Cons):

Sury Khatri (Cons):

YP team