New season changes…

The Yogopink team has been holidaying all over the world this summer, and aside from the sightseeing, laying on beaches and general chilling we’ve loved seeking out frozen yogurt shops to see what we can do better.

We’ve been pleased to discover that compared to even the biggest international brands, our own froyo recipe is pretty good (yes we’re being modest) – but complacency didn’t get anyone anywhere.

Over the coming months we’ll be trying out new flavours and introducing some great new toppings to tickle your autumnal taste buds.

If you’ve tried something out on your travels that you think would work well at Yogopink, don’t keep it to yourself! It could be a fun flavour, a tasty topping or something altogether different! Let us know on our Facebook page and you never know – you could even win a free yogurt for being so caring and sharing.

See you soon!