Strawberries = Happy

Strawberries are the fruit that evoke the happiest memories, according to a study by the University of London.

sxc strawberry

44% of people asked said strawberries brought on happy memories, 30% said these memories were relaxing, and 10% said they were exciting.

And a whopping 77% said the aroma of a fresh strawberry immediately triggers nostalgic memories of summer, while 64% said it prompts thoughts of sunshine.

So here at YP we’re going BIG on strawberries – the staple of Wimbledon fortnight and one of our most popular toppings.

Tell us on Facebook, twitter (@YogopinkLondon) or instagram (@YogopinkLondon) what symbolises summer for you – and one of you will win a special strawberry topped frozen yogurt freebie! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #YPsummer.

As well as our fat free take on the SW19 classic, this week cool down with a simple, delicious, fresh and fat free strawberry smoothie.

And here are some Wimbledon facts to further whet your appetite for this month’s favourite fruit:

  • At least 28 tonnes of strawberries are expected to be eaten over the championship.
  • They will be slathered with more than 7,000 litres of fresh cream.
  • Around 8,615 punnets will be consumed EVERY DAY.

See you soon at YP!