Summer Never Tasted This Good…

Barbecues, beaches, flipflops, sunglasses, long summer evenings, eating outside, impromptu picnics, not wearing a coat, listening to music loud in the sun, going to festivals, watching Wimbledon, turning the hose on the next person who walks into the garden… Our memories of summer are accumulated from childhood, added to and treasured.

But what does summer taste like to you? Watermelon straight from the fridge? Freshly picked berries? Homemade lemonade? Scones and clotted cream? A picnic on the beach? A glass of something cold and refreshing as the sun goes down?

You’re really ready for a holiday now aren’t you?!

Until then you can add our refreshingly cooling frozen yogurt to your taste of summer memory bank. Piled high with freshly cut fruit, our four delicious, regularly changing flavours will keep you dreaming of sunshine whatever the weather! And if you feel like a taste of childhood again – we now have delicious waffle cones to pack full of your favourite toppings, sauces and frozen yogurt.

summer openings

During the summer months we’re open til midnight every Saturday night, so plenty of time for

long… lazy…

summer evenings sitting outside Yogopink watching the world go by…

Yogopink team