Tastes of summer

Summer is a time that really awakens our senses… the feel of the much-awaited warmth of the sun on our skin, the smell of freshly cut grass. the sound of ice cubes clinking together in a glass and the tastes of salads, fresh fruit and cool, refreshing frozen yogurt.

Here are a few of our favourite tastes of summer:

Passion Fruit frozen yogurt…

passion fruit

Dress up the exotic taste of passion fruit with mango, coconut, kiwi, pineapple or anything else that makes you feel like you’re on holiday!


IMG_7157 (5)_edited

Still our number one topping – strawberries are actually PROVEN to bring back nostalgic thoughts of summer! Freshly cut and full of Vitamin C – you can’t go wrong with everyone’s favourite fruit!


coneMost of our earliest memories include being wiped down from head to foot as a child after dripping ice cream all over ourselves.

Now we’re a bit more grown-up, most of us can manage a cone without making a mess! And also now we’re a bit more grown-up we know how much healthier Yogopink’s fat free frozen yogurt is for us – and our kids – than full of fat ice cream! And of course, a little part of us feels like a kid again when we’re tucking into a cone on a hot day!

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YP team