Welcome to our Winter Collection!

Of course our frozen yogurt is delicious all year round but this winter we’re adding a few seasonal extras to warm your cockles.

hot choc stick

1. LUXURY BELGIAN HOT CHOCOLATE ask for this and you’ll get a cup of steaming hot milk and a stick of our creamy chocolate – choose from milk, hazelnut or caramel flavours. Then simply stir into your milk until there’s nothing left on the stick… If you can’t wait that long, it’s delicious straight from the stick too! Why not add some marshmallows too! Head to Facebook to watch a how-to video.

hot choc yog
‘Hot chocolate’ yogurt

2. HOT CHOCOLATE YOGURT – Warm brownie pieces and marshmallows on our classic chocolate frozen yogurt. Mmmm.

Italian-inspired Affogato: frozen yogurt ‘drowned’ in espresso

3. HOT SHOT – Affogato means ‘drowned’ in Italian and is a classic Italian dessert. Simply pour a hot shot of espresso over your frozen yogurt and reap the rewards!

4. WARM PANCAKES – topped with your favourite frozen yogurt and some of our most popular toppings. Choose from:pancakes 3

The Berry Good one…with strawberries and honey

The OMG Chocolatey one…with hot chocolate brownies and chocolate sauce

The Nutty Banana one… with Nutella and banana

Tell us which are your faves on twitter and Instagram (@yogopinkLondon) using the hashtags #Yogopink and #WinterCollection