What’s the big deal about Yogopink?

It can be hard to try new things, break away from your usual routine, push the envelope.

That’s why this post is for those of you who haven’t yet discovered Yogopink. And we do think it’s is something worth discovering. Once you do, chances are, you will never look back.

So we thought we’d come up with some FAQs for the froyo virgins out there…

1. Is it like ice cream?

It’s frozen like ice cream and tastes deliciously creamy but Yogopink frozen yogurt is fat free.

2. How can it be fat free?

It’s made from fat free natural yogurt and fat free milk, not full fat cream, like ice cream.

All our flavours are fat free

3. What flavours does it come in?

We always have four flavours on the go at any one time: always natural and chocolate and two others – currently salted caramel and mango changing to cookies & cream and strawberry on Thursday. Our daily flavours are displayed on our blackboard and the front of the counter as well as on the front page of our website.

Today's flavours displayed on the front of the counter and on the blackboard
Today’s flavours displayed on the front of the counter and on the blackboard

4. What if I order a flavour and don’t like it?

We do little taster pots – ask to try it before you buy it!

5. Do I have to choose a size?

Yes – you can chose a small, medium or large size pot.

Around 40 toppings to choose from
Around 40 toppings to choose from

6. What about toppings?

We have around 40 toppings to choose from including nuts, fresh fruit, all manner of chocolatey things and sauces.

7. There’s just too much choice – how do I know where to start?

Every week we suggest a topping of the week which is written on the blackboard – have a look at that and see if you fancy it. If not ask, our staff for help. Take your time! We also post lots of pics on instagram (@YogopinkLondon), twitter and Facebook so make sure you like and follow us to get ideas – as well as exclusive offers!

8. Do I have to have a topping?

No you can go naked if you like!

As nature intended
As nature intended

9. Do I have to sit in to eat my yogurt?

No – we have lids! You can take it home and put it in your freezer for later.

10. Do you have a loyalty card?

Yes – buy 8 frozen yogurts and you get the 9th on us!

So go on – try something new today! Join the hundreds of people who HEART Yogopink!