Why do we eat chocolate at Easter?

The humble egg has long been a symbol of fertility, rebirth and new beginnings, celebrated by many faiths – but when did chocolate start having something to do with Easter?

France and Germany led the way in chocolate Easter egg production in the early 19th century with Cadbury’s making their first chocolate egg in 1875.

Last year, around 8 MILLION Easter eggs were consumed in the UK… So what are we waiting for?!

As you Yogopink aficionados know, we have over 40 toppings to choose from every day. This week it’s practically a crime to not eat as much chocolate as you can physically manage, so here’s a reminder of what’s on offer.

And a few ideas of what you can do with them:

yog8On the go between chocolate appointments? Order a Yogopink milkshake with your favourite chocolate toppings, your favourite fat free frozen yogurt and some fat free milk.

Have a fantastic bank holiday weekend and a very happy Easter to you all!

YP team