It all started when one of our customers mentioned her latest #YPObsession was HOT peanut butter on natural frozen yogurt… You heard it – HOT.

There was a stampede to the peanut butter jar so we could try it for ourselves. Spoons in, we savoured the moment. Who knew that soft, warm, sweet, salty peanut butter mixed with cold fresh frozen yogurt would taste like paradise?

Excited at how good it was, we got to thinking what else we could warm up! Among our most popular toppings – especially on a Friday afternoon! –  is Nutella: a perfect candidate.

Let us tell you, if you thought there was nothing more perfect than cold Nutella on chocolate Yogopink frozen yogurt, you’re wrong. Warm, it’s melted, creamy, chocolate-hazelnut heaven!

A new #YPObsession for us all was born!

As a new year’s gift to you, we’re offering one lucky YP obsessive a chance to win a year’s supply of frozen yogurt*! All you need to do is like our Facebook page (natch), share our #YPObsession post – and tell us what YOUR #YPObsession is underneath it!

Same rules apply if you prefer twitter or instagram: like – share – comment!

The winner will be announced on Saturday 17 January.

Good luck!

YP team


*12 free frozen yogurts: 1 every month in 2015