You may be surprised to learn that…

…our small natural frozen yogurt contains less than 95 calories.

Calories are the units of energy contained in the food and drink we consume and are either burned to produce energy or, if excess to requirements, stored as fat. There are guidelines on how many calories we should all consume every day to stay healthy and for those looking to lose weight, cutting calories is generally agreed as the best way.

Depending on whether we’ve had a good breakfast or how well we’ve eaten during the day many of us get a craving for something sweet. Most of the things we are inclined to reach for though, contain little nutritional benefit and the sugar satisfaction soon wears off.

Milkshakes can contain thousands of calories!
Milkshakes can contain thousands of calories!

You might be surprised to learn that our small natural frozen yogurt – around 150g – is under 95 calories. Not only is it low in calories, it’s fat free and contains calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals. Pile some fruit on top and that’s one healthy snack.

But let’s see how some of the snacks you might get cravings for compare:

  • Thick milkshake: from 380 to thousands of calories!
  • Skinny blueberry muffin: over 300 calories
  • Butter croissant: 310 calories
  • Chocolate bar: 205 calories
  • Jam doughnut: 205 calories
  • Vanilla ice cream: over 200 calories per serving
  • Bowl of cereal: 180 calories
  • Breakfast bar: 133 calories
  • Packet of crisps: 129 calories
  • Skinny latte: 120 calories

So next time you need a sweet fix, whatever the time of day, don’t think chocolate or cake – think Yogopink, and treat your body as well as your taste buds!

Yogopink team